This website is an attempt to do the impossible: describe “me”. Why? Because as far as I am concerned I am formless, choiceless, eternal sat-chit-ananda (existence, consciousness, bliss).

with that in mind, this website is about the outermost covering of the-real-me… it’s about the physical body instead of my energy body, mental bodies and bliss body (all of which are coverings over me).

this website is about my interests, goals, and dreams.

Life Mission and Vision#

For a long time, my life mission has incubated as: to form a meditation and retreat center. I have benefitted most from living at such places:

“Money”, tax and law#

Money is in quotes because most people equate money with fiat currency, which it is not: GOLD IS REAL MONEY.

Money, tax and law has grown into a complete other website – My Money Magick

A GPS guides you

My GPS for “money” is Tardus

A GPS for “life/metaphysics” is the Gene Keys

Time to get jiggy wiki wit it

BornTerrence Monroe Brannon
May 11, 1969
Irmo, SC, US
Currently atcheck the spiritual resume for my current location… that or realize that nothing is happening, nothing ever has happened.
???, ???
Other namesTerrence Calvinsson de Sherleys-Womb, Terrence-Monroe: Brannon
Citizenshipdont get me started on this
Occupationsmonk, visionary
Years active
Spousesnot currently into monogamy
Thisthat, the other


  1. 1987-1991: B.A. Computer Science, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
  2. 1991-1993. M.S. Computer Science, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
  3. 1993: Chinese Language Study at Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. Studied Tai Chi in my free time.
  4. 1994 – Medical Neuroscience at Hahnemann University. They got swallowed up (in order to cover up the power of homeopathy).
  5. 1995-1999 – M.S. Computational Neuroscience, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
  6. 2011 – Order of the Blue Star Mystery School, online with Christopher Tims.
  7. 2023 – SGI-USA. Introduction to Buddhism.

Web Properties

listed at my daily dumping grounds

Early life

Terrence Brannon was born the eldest to Sherley Anderson and Calvin Brannon. He has 1 sister.

Personal life

Reading the book “Sex 2.0” by J.J. Roberts had a profound impact on my view on monogamy. I am now scared stiff of it and endorse a poly lifestyle, primarily the tribal living demonstrated by Shivalila in the 70s.

Religious beliefs

Religious beliefs have mainly represented a conflict between what I want to do and what I should be doing to prepare for 20, 30, 40 years from now and also death.