I would say that this is the most important thing to me. I used to keep a spiritual resume that started when I applied to the Magickal Order of the Golden Dawn. Even though most of my spiritual interests fluctuate, certain ones have persisted or keep recurring:

The Isolation Tank

I am very big on the isolation tank:

  1. I formed Isolation Tank Gnosis – a “religion” based around the isolation tank… I can feel some of my viewers bristling with distaste at that word.
  2. I webmaster The Deep Self – a website devoted to the isolation tank life.

Sacred Sexuality

Like Erwan Davon, I’ve been conflicted for a very long time over spirituality and sexuality. Sacred sexuality explores the interface between the two. In fact, I think I have found a crucial component of my life path in the Atman Yoga Federation – their esoteric tantra yoga class is quite compelling. Outside of them, I have a few writing on the subject:

  • https://terrencebrannon.com/2023/06/16/sacred-sexuality-and-tantra/
  • I’ve been involved in Orgasmic Meditation and that material has blossomed into an instruction site and a mental diarrhea site.

(Miracle) Healing

I feel that instant healing from mental or physical trauma is a sign of how in control the-real-you is over the-meat-body reading this blog. An entire section at my website The Quiet Center is devoted to miracle healing.