Sacred sexuality could be called American tantra which is imitative of “authentic” Hindu and Buddhist tantra (who says what is authentic?). It involves a number of practices and schools:

Female-led practices

I tend to like these practices. They are oceanic and allow a female to grow and grow into a galaxy of arousal where the piddly little male basically is pulled along for the ride.

Orgasmic Meditation (OM)

A prime example of an excellent practice offered by a far less-than-excellent organization.

Female sacred spot massage (FSSM)

For me, this is the ultimate female-led practice where you work to release the female shakti. Once this is done, you have an entire city of shakti around you for days… I’m not kidding.

Comparing OM and FSSM

OM is a very technical practice with lots of rules and steps…. it’s also damned effective. If you want example of the power of this practice just research someone who has put in 10 years of regular practice, namely Rafael Martinez. It has tremendous benefits for both parties.

Sacred spot massage is very simple: just eye contact and one simple stroke awaiting the goddess shakti to unfold. Much less to learn and much less to get wrong.

The primary promoters of FSSM in the West are/were Charles and Caroline Muir, who are no longer together… which brings up another topic: monogamy. FSSM has pretty much been implicitly a monogamous practice whereas OM has been pretty much a polygamous practice.

The Asian male-driven teachings

I dont really subscribe to these though I have worked with them – Mantak Chia and Jolan Chang “The Tao of Loving” are good examples of this