Pure void – no motion, no-things. no cause. no effect. From this nothingness there came a concept of self and other, this and that. It was just a concept. Just imagination. But soon the machinations outside of THE QUIET CENTER began to seem real. It was almost as if something were really happening. But every night in deep sleep, there was always UTTER NOTHINGNESS. It was not the waking state, nor the dream state. It was deep sleep. After many decades of frolicking about in THE LIVING COSMOS, the samsaric pain of the waking state led TERRENCE MONROE BRANNON on a long spiritual search. Extensive use of the isolation tank allowed him to dwell in THE DEEP SELF… a reality beyond the mundane though various legal, taxing and monetary bodies forced him into MY MONEY MAGICK. And identifying as a meat body led to inquiry into the root creational force of human existence – investigation into tantra and neo-tantra.

Born MAY 11, 1969, the search continues.